Need help have some questions

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von Andrzej
#97813 Hey i have a qestion. Ive heard that the orginal carbon fighter pro (2011) is a better than cf3, it supposed to have better diffs, better engine, better floor?

Is it correct?

Are the hpi parts compatybile with carbon fighter pro? I mean diffs, engine etc
von alvo
#97818 Hei Andrzej,

that can´t you say, the CF3 is in the main the same car, only the diff´s and the whishbones are new. Also the wheels have now a hex driver. The compatible parts from the HPI are only the engine and the wheels, diff´s aren´t compatible.


Volker A.
von Andrzej
#97831 alright, thanks for your replay.

So CF3 diffs are any better? or worse or the same? same question for the wishbones. CF pro have a bigger engine 30cc vs 23.

Overall how do you judge the quality of the Carbon Fighter car? I know it's not baja, but the price tag is somewhere in the middle of what you have to pay for HPI's baja.

Are the wishbones that weak? some say they are cracking almost every ride.
von alvo
#97834 Hi,

the CF, CF2, CF 2pro and the CF3 has the same 26ccm engine.
The CF3 diffs are an other construcion, and not compatible. The quality of the CF is okay, it dosen´t like high or wide jumps and with 4x4, the CF is an good car for beginner. The spare parts are cheap, with HPI Baja is the CF not to compare. But also the Baja has its problems, and without any tuning parts both cars have there problems.
If you search for an easy to drive and repair car, the CF is the right one. All other cars are more expensive, and not easy to drive.
If you want the CF, buy the CF3 and change the main gear plate into a one made of alu and add the 4x4 kit and change the carburator to an Walboro, then the CF is ready for an long run.
von Andrzej
#97836 oh, i have seen CF pro with 30 CC engine, stock 2.6HP.

So this car is ok for beginner? I aint gonna jump with it, just some track or dirt bashing. Why Baja is not easy? i have driven CF for a 5 mins. It was fun, but still that was my first ride with petrol.

Some say the CF are the worst of the worst - i kind don't believe it. It's FS re brand for Conrad, right?

Sorry if this was somewhere in the forum, but google translate does not do very well :( and it's almost impossible to find some reliable info. All are biased by BAJAs funs
von alvo
#97840 Hey,

thats worng, no CF has an 30ccm engine, only a sticker on the starter says, thats a 30ccm engine. It´s only marketing ;)
That the CF ist worst, that is also wrong. A friend of mine has a CF3, I self has a HPI Baja, in our group are two other Baja´s, and at the least meeting, the CF3 was the last car, which was running :D
My Baja has a low receiver akku, the other has also failed.
For beginner, the CF is ok, spare parts are cheap and you can buy them that at Ebay or by serveral dealers.
If you have any question more, feel free to ask. In english, it can take a take a short time, but you get an answer....


Volker A.
von Andrzej
#97852 Thank You. I recently melted my gears :( Not very satisfied. Conrad offers spare for about 60Eur

My question is - is it worth it? Are those a steel or ALU? How long they last? On ebay there are mods for belt drive - any one tried this? :)

Here is the pic :worried:
von Andrzej
#97859 i've bought myself another CF :D

old one will be stripped for parts :) BTW i have a bluebird servo 530DMG, will it be ok for a steering in case the orginal will smoke? I've read here and there and the reely servos like to die (from what ppl says) :)
von Old Racer
#97860 Hei
If you use two of the servos it should be absolutely enough
Otherwise the ones from Savöx are a good choice.

von Andrzej
#97928 Thanks so fay, you have been a great help.

Now i have bought 4wd conversion, but straigt away there is a problem with wheel hexes - i cannot dissmout tchem forom the axle, the pin will not let go. How to proces this? i have tried to use light force (didnt wanted to damage bering), but nothing seems to help...

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